All you can know about the immensely trending technology -“Artificial Intelligence”

All you can know about the immensely trending technology -“Artificial Intelligence”

May 4th 2018, admin

“A  year spent in artificial intelligence is enough to make one believe in god!”

Artificial intelligence is that astonishing branch of computer science that holds the tendency to cause a computer to work like a human i.e a transformation of a machine into a human! Amazing isn’t it!

It’s modus operandi includes:

Learning: the accretion of the required facts and the proper rules in order to utilize the gathered information.

Interpretation: The rules in order to reach the appropriate or proximate outcome.

Self-alteration: This refers to the correction of the outcome in order to obtain the desired result.

 The term Artificial intelligence was known to be coined by a renowned American scientist, in 1956 at The Dartmouth Conference, from where it heralds its roots. In today’s world, it hems in everything from the robotic course of action automation to the implementation of the actual robots.Today, due to the presence of big data in it, it has known to profusely gain the acclaimed fame.Also,due to its ability to analyze the patterns more precisely, it was known to enhance the businesses with a much better acumen to the data!

Types of Artificial intelligence:

Although, it can be classified into a number of ways, yet the two most important ones are:

Weak AI: They are also termed as narrow AI and are specifically designed to perform a particularized task. Apple’s Siri is one of the best examples of weak AI.


Strong AI: It refers to that amazing category of AI that comprises of the machine holding human psychical capabilities and can intelligently produce the solution of an out-of-its-chapters problem, due to its ability of a good-comprehension and associated smartness from the fed data!

The Turing test, which was discovered by the mathematician Alan Turing in 1959, actually beholds the methodology concerning if a computer can indeed work like a human, though the approach is known to be questionable.

Besides, there is also an assistant professor of integrative biology and computer science and engineering at Michigan State University, by the name Arend Hintze, who categorized AI into four different parts, from the ones which are already prevailing today to the ones, which are yet to be designed:

Reactive Machines: Deep blue is an example of the reactive machines which refers to the IBM chess program that defeated Garry Kasparov in the 1990s.It has the tendency to recognize the different pieces on the chess board and make the possible anticipations. It is however devoid of any stored memory and hence, fails to utilize the past experience in order to determine the future move.It uses the most intelligent course of action by predicting both his and his opponent’s move following it and thus, ends up making the most cardinal move.Both Deep blue and Google’s AlphaGo fall under the narrow AI.

Limited memory: This kind of AI is known to make use of the past experience to determine the future selection.Few autonomous-vehicles possess this kind of decision-making systems.It informs about the behavior which is supposed to crop up in a near future. The Example includes the car that has switched its lanes. The recognization is however stored only temporarily in it.

Theory of mind: It refers to the psychology and is a clear understanding of the people’s mindset claiming that they tend to possess their own comprehension, notion and purpose that strikes the conclusion that they forge in their respective minds. This type of AI does not yet exists.

Self-awareness: This type of AI tend to hold a sense of oneself or cognizance. The machines bearing self-awareness can easily comprehend their present state and utilize their information to deduce the feelings of others.This type of AI is also still non-existent.

Examples of Artificial intelligence:

Robotic action of course automation: It is designed to carry out the high voluminous tasks and monotonous errands that are accomplished by the humans. It is different to IT automation as here it can easily assimilate to the transformations made.

Machine Learning: It is the process to make the computer react without the programming. Deep learning is a sub-part of the machine learning which refers to the automation of the prognostic logical inference.The machine learning comprises  three types of algorithms:

Supervised learning: In this, the data files are designated in order to determine the new data files and label them accordingly.

Unsupervised learning: Here, the data files are not designated and are systematized according to their synonimities and dissimilarities.

Reinforced learning: In this, the data files are not designated as well but following the implementation of various tasks, it hails an outcome.

Machine learning also includes pattern recognization which has the ability to identify the patterns within the provided data.

Machine vision: It is the tendency to make the computer see.  It refers to the capturing and analyzing of the varied data facts with the help of a camera, analog-to-digital processing and digital signal processing.It is akin to the human eyesight but does not hold a biological significance. It is basically programmed to view through the thick interfaces like walls. To quote an example, it is widely used from the signature recognization to the medical image determination.

Natural Language processing: It is the human language processing through a computer program.Spam detection in the E-mails is one of the best examples as just with a glimpse of the subject line and the text in a particular email, it differentiates the message as a junk or a primary important one.It comprises of text transliteration, speech identification and emotions determination.

Robotics: It is a very interesting field of engineering that refers to the designing of the robots, which are used to perform the tasks which are monotonously implemented by the humans.

Applications of Artificial intelligence in real life:

 Healthcare: Various companies have made use of the artificial intelligence in order to determine a better and a rapid diagnosis, compared to the humans. It comprises of the machine learning system that comprehends the usual human language and provides apt responses to the questions asked, thus giving out an appropriate scoring conception.IBM Watson is one of the examples of this. Others include chatbots, which is an online program that helps the customer by answering to the fired questions, assists to plan the follow-up consultations or helping the patients by providing them the required billing support. There are also virtual medical assistants that look after the basic medical assistance.


Purchase prognosis: This is mostly used by the tycoon online retailers like Amazon, Flipkart etc, where they make use of the predictive analysis, to make a guess of what you might need whether just a single item or in a combination. You might have often seen that when you type your desired item in the search query, it automatically generates a lot of options on the screen below with the various criss-cross combinations of the articles. For example: If you type “computer mouse” on the search query box, then along with just the mouse, you will also witness  varied combos of them, including a mouse with a mouse pad or a mouse, a mouse pad and a screen cleaning solution etc. It is all the work of the artificial intelligence using big data.

Online customer support: This is an implementation of the natural language processing, where the customer requires to contact the customer care in some cases. To resolve this issue, many websites today are offering this feature, where you can chat online with the customer support while browsing the website, but there isn’t always a human being on the other end chatting with you, some websites even possess the automated reciprocators, which comprehend your question and successfully fetch the solution from the websites.

News writing: AI is even used to pen-down the brief news stories. According to the wired, various websites like the AP, Fox, and Yahoo! all make use of  AI to compose plain stories like financial summaries, sports recaps, and fantasy sports reports.However, it is still incapable of composing the detailed articles or news.The company behind the Wordsmith software revealed that e-commerce, financial services, real estate, and other “data-driven” industries are already making the optimum utilization of the news writing app!

Security supervision: It is a monotonous and a cumbersome task for a single person to keep a keen eye on all the monitors, monitoring the security cameras and hence, a solution to this is the training to the computers by various algorithms to make a more clear sense of the threats around while monitoring the security cameras. If it witnesses a threat, then it sends an alert signal or alarm to the human security officer.These may include the color flicker indicating the presence of an interloper or someone ambling in the schoolyard. However, it does not detect theft yet!

The various other applications include the smart home appliances, movie and music advice services like Netflix, Spotify, Pandora apps, applications in video games using predictive analysis and the list is yet endless!

However, Stephen Hawking, the authour of the famous book, The theory of everything and also a renowned scientist quoted that,” AI is either the best or worst thing to happen to humanity”. Let’s see what it unfolds with the passing time!!