Changing Web Development Trends To Watch For in 2018

Changing Web Development Trends To Watch For in 2018

January 19th 2018, admin

Web development is changing every second and in order to meet the users’ expectations, web development trends are undergoing a change and some trends are making a comeback.

PHP is the popular choice for website backend development, undoubtedly. It has upgraded its positions even further after the release of version 7.x. The latest update of the PHP framework Laravel 5.x is a recognized web development trend in 2018, that proffers ready solutions for complex tasks. It makes the process of development reliable and faster. Laravel is the most popular open-source PHP web framework. The benefits can be fully experienced on dynamic websites with complicated backend.

Real time web apps, based on websockets, are getting popular these days. The users want fast interactions and real time web apps are delivering on the need to share information immediately. The connection between client and server is left open, and the server pushes the new data once it’s there. Clients had to Web check back manually to find out if something new had happened before the real time web apps.

Functional programming will increase in 2018 again. Functional Programming (FP) describes the process of building software based on fundamental principles. Building software by composing pure functions is the principle of functional programming.. Shared state, mutable data and side effects are avoided in FP. Functional code is more predictable, and some say ‘easier’ than object oriented code. If you have been working in Javascript for a while, you must have encountered functional programming principles and concepts, which encourage developers to decompose a program into small functions.

Static websites will be hit in the year 2018. they have been improved by static site generators which allow combination of static website and CMS. The most popular ones are Hexo, GitBook and Gatsby which are written in JavaScript. There is also a huge variety of static site generators written in other programming languages.

Single-page websites are also gaining attention these days and will be in trend. It doesn’t become a mare’s nest as the content is placed on one long scrollable page. These websites have their own merits. The information is available on one page, and they do not challenge the visitor with the complexities of navigation and tons of text. There is no need to jump over the pages. Your business can benefit from such websites as the products and services are demonstrated in a simple and interesting way. However, it is not in line with e-commerce blogs.

Mobile apps notifications turned out to be a highly efficient means of user re-engagement. This notion has been implemented for websites, of late, and is becoming a new trend. There is simple workflow : the user visits a website and is offered to enable push notifications. The user then gets notified of any changes on the website (like a new blog post), even after closing the tab of the website. The user is engaged all the time.

Simplicity is in the demand. Everyone wants a simple web design. There have been a lot of cliched GIFs and flashing advertisements. So the users are looking for something new, simple and moderate. Sophisticated motion UI is grabbing attention these days. More style is added through animations and it allows you to distinguish your website from the thousands of others with the static UI.

Well, page header transitions, nice hovers, animated charts, background animations and modular scrolling can be considered too. These and many other elements may make your web presence much more interesting for users.