Have you checked your Gmail Today : Here are top 5 NEW features to get you started

Have you checked your Gmail Today : Here are top 5 NEW features to get you started

April 26th 2018, admin

Google has piled out its brand new  Gmail for the desktops on Wednesday. It has now completely turned over a new leaf, undergoing the necessary reshaping for the first time in history by incorporating various new features. Google now beholds a perceptible design with its buttons and widgets seeming clearer, more discrete and more exquisite. Further, the Gmail also claims to possess a smart Inbox which helps in providing the necessary hints in order to pass on astute replies, snooze and various other AI-integrated features. 

Here are top five features to get you started!

Confidential mode

Confidential mode is one of the most talked-about features which has been devised for the businessmen by acknowledging the necessity of stashing the hush-hush information in every business. It comprises of a secret bubble that holds the emails only for a predefined period of time, also withholding certain restrictions for the sender which he can devise according to his needs and choices. It also hails with a two-aspect authentication where the recipient is supposed to enter the passcode dispensed by the sender.

The confidential mode is known to be associated with the Information Rights Management. The sender can gleefully just click on the lock icon present in the compose button, where the predefined time limit for the expiration of the email can be rooted.The sender also holds the authority to allow or deny the forwarding, copying/pasting, downloading and printing permissions for the emails on the receiver’s end. If the recipient is not a Gmail user than the email will be accessed only through a secured link compassing all the rules set by the sender. 


It is the feature that helps in notifying the users about the unattended or unseen emails. All the emails following this abandonees will comprise of a line ‘Received one week ago. Reply?’ in a yellow hue to seize the attention of the users.Although, this feature is only for the emails present in the primal inbox. 

Smart Reply

Akin to the Inbox app, the Gmail on the web will also tip us off with some suitable replies to the emails. This feature is already being seen in the Gmail mobile app since the last year. Gmail will hunt for the interrogative messages and will provide us with the relevant replies to them like for example “Do you think investing in it is a good idea?” , to this Gmail can stock up replies like “Of course yes!”, “Definitely”, “Why not!” and maybe more. The replies to the normal emails can comprise of the words like “Thank you”, “Noted”, “Sure”!


Security Risk Warnings

Gmail has seemed to fiddle with the security risk warnings thus, providing us with the mandatory information in case of any threats encountered to the system. Any email that seems to be apprehensive to the AI-based algorithms, reads a message, displayed just beneath the sender’s email and contact information as, “This message seems dangerous”. It also holds a delete now button at the bottom of this warning box. You can even report the particular email as well as block the sender to avoid any further troubles.


Offline mode

This is one of the most amazing features of Gmail which can woo away the pain of the inability to send the messages due to the lost internet connection. This feature possesses a native offline mode that assigns the users with the opportunity to compose the emails and reply to the emails without the internet connection. The users can access almost 90 days of emails offline without a hitch. The Gmail will sync everything once it encounters the internet connectivity. This feature will soon be pitched out to the G-suite users as well.